Management Practices And Technical Efficiency of MASIPAG Rice Farmers in Isabela, Philippines


  •   Jerald Medina Velasco


The study was conducted to assess the Management practices and technical efficiency of the MASIPAG rice farmers in Isabela, Philippines. A total of 64 respondents were interviewed. Data were analyzed with descriptive and inferential statistics using Stochastic Frontier Analysis. The data revealed that 82.81% of farmers were male and 17.19 % were female, farmers have an average age of 43.94. The average household size were 5.72, majority of the farmers finished high school, average number of years in farming of 23.84, most of the respondents farmers owned their land that they till, average number of training were 1.06, farmers have an average income of Php 47,687.50. The result showed that the average amount of seed applied by the MASIPAG farmers were 55.66 kilograms per hectare. MASIPAG used organic fertilizer. In terms of managing pest in their production, MASIPAG farmers used natural materials like FPJ, FFA, and FAA. SFA indicated that seeds, fertilizer, pre and post-harvest labor and capital were found to be significant indicators of technical efficiency at 1% level of significance.  Technical inefficiency model showed that age, farming system, household size, educational attainment, number of years in farming, type of soil, crop establishment were found to be significant indicators of technical efficiency for the MASIPAG farmers.

Keywords: Cobb-Douglas Production Function, Stochastic Frontier Analysis, Technical Efficiency


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