Efficacy of Packaging on the Quality and Shelf Life of Guava (Psidium Guajava)


  •   Tahsabin Afrin

  •   Nupur Asmaul Husna

  •   Md. Mobarak Hossain

  •   Abdullah Iqbal

  •   Poly Karmoker


The effectiveness of packaging materials on the quality and shelf life of local and hybrid varieties of guava was evaluated under refrigerated and room temperature. The treatment consisted of packaging with polythene, a perforated polyethylene bag, and control (without packaging. Different quality parameters such as physiological weight loss, decay loss, color and overall acceptability score, percentage of marketability, moisture content, total solid content, ash content, protein content, pH, titratable acidity, and vitamin C content were examined. The results showed that the vitamin C, pH content reduction rate is comparatively lower in the case of hybrid guava stored in perforated polythene packaged at refrigeration temperature compared to other treatments. An increase in titratable acidity content was recorded lowest in the case of deshi variety packaged with polythene stored at refrigeration temperature whereas hybrid variety packaged with perforated polythene stored at room temperature showed a higher rate of increase. Physiological weight loss and decay loss were recorded lowest for the sample packaged with a perforated polythene bag under the refrigerated condition while the control sample stored at normal room temperature showed the highest rate. Marketability of perforated polythene packaged fruits was recorded highest when that of the control one under normal room temperature was recorded the lowest. Performances of perforated polythene packaging system under the refrigerated temperature may be recommended for the longest shelf life and the highest quality of guava.

Keywords: Guava, Packaging, Shelf-Life, Vitamin-C, Weight Loss.


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Afrin, T. ., Asmaul Husna, N., Hossain, M. M., Iqbal, A., & Karmoker, P. (2022). Efficacy of Packaging on the Quality and Shelf Life of Guava (Psidium Guajava). European Journal of Agriculture and Food Sciences, 4(5), 7–12. https://doi.org/10.24018/ejfood.2022.4.5.547

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