Effect of Pre-Treatment on Drying of Red Amaranth and Its Utilization in Noodles Preparation


  •   Md. Mosharraf Hossain

  •   Md. Wadud Ahmed

  •   Mozeda Khatun

  •   Poly Karmoker

  •   Abdullah Iqbal


Red amaranth is a perishable, colored leafy vegetable that can be preserved through a variety of methods, including dehydration. The current study was conducted to investigate the effect of pre-treatments (blanching, sulphitation, and blanching plus sulphitation) and drying methods (cabinet and solar) on the drying rate and color intensity of red amaranth (leaves and stems) and the development of red amaranth enriched noodles. Drying rate and color intensity were varied in different degrees based on the applied pretreatment and drying method. For drying red amaranth leaves, blanching plus sulphitation followed by cabinet drying showed the highest drying rate (0.67 h-1), whereas blanching followed by cabinet drying showed the fastest drying rate (0.69 h-1) for red amaranth stems. Color absorbance study revealed that sulphitation pre-treatment and cabinet drying lead highest color absorbance (0.261) in red amaranth leaves while blanching and cabinet drying provides the highest color intensity (0.121) in stems. The use of red amaranth leaves powder in noodles preparation at 5% and 10% wheat flour substitutions gave significantly different (p<0.05) sensory parameters. Substitution of 5% wheat flour by sulphited and cabinet dried red amaranth leaves powder gave the highest overall acceptability of developed noodles.

Keywords: Drying, Noodles, Pre-Treatments, Red Amaranth.


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