Efficacy of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers on Growth, Yield and Nutrient Uptake of Cauliflower in Acidic Soil of Bangladesh


  •   Mariam Khanam

  •   Mohammad Saiful Alam

  •   Mohammed Zia Uddin Kamal

  •   Mahmuda Akter

  •   Bushra Islam Binte

  •   Md. Ashraful Alam


Soil acidity is considered as one of the limiting factors in agricultural production because it affects plant growth and development by reducing the availability of essential nutrients. Therefore, a field trial was carried out at the experimental field of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University (BSMRAU), Gazipur, Bangladesh from September 2021 to January 2022 to evaluate the effect of various organic and inorganic fertilizers on the growth, yield, and nutritional quality of cauliflower. The experiment was carried out in randomized complete block design with seven treatments viz. Control, Recommended dose of chemical fertilizers (RDF), Poultry Manure (PM) (3 t ha-1) + RDF, Vermicompost (VC) (3 t ha-1) + RDF, Cowdung (CD) (5 t ha-1) + RDF, Rice Husk Biochar (1 t ha-1) + RDF and Household waste compost (3t ha-1) + RDF with three replications. Among different treatments, the highest value for plant height (49.25 cm), number of leaves plant-1 (21.50), curd circumference (39.87cm), curd diameter (18.07 cm), marketable curd weight (777.57g plant-1), marketable curd yield (32.41 t ha-1), N, K, S content (1.92%, 1.87% and 0.33 % respectively) and K and S uptake ( 79.57 kg ha-1 and 13.92 kg ha-1) were recorded from the Household waste compost (3t ha-1) + RDF whose effect was statistically similar to the treatment Poultry Manure (PM) (3 t ha-1) + RDF. The maximum value for curd height (11.10 cm), N uptake (81.81 kg ha-1) and P content and uptake (0.32% and 13.97 kg ha-1 respectively) were recorded from poultry manure along with RDF. Whereas, the minimum value for all growth parameters, yield attributes, nutrient content and uptake were observed from unfertilized control. Therefore, integrated application of organic manures with synthetic chemical fertilizers can be practiced for attaining higher yield and better-quality curds compare to the sole application of inorganic fertilizers in acid soils of Bangladesh.

Keywords: Cauliflower, Growth, Manures, Nutrient content, Soil acidity


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