Effect of Integrated Nutrient Management on Okra Production in Acid Soil


  •   Bushra Islam Binte

  •   Mahmuda Akter

  •   Mariam Khanam

  •   Md. Ashraful Alam

  •   Md. Parvez Kabir

  •   Mohammed Zia Uddin Kamal


Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) is a novel strategy to achieve sustainable crop production in degraded soils through judicious and balanced plant nutrients utilization. Sole application of chemical fertilizers in crop production causes soil and environmental pollution. The present study was designed to assess the effects of application of organic manures conjointly with chemical fertilizers on growth and yield of okra in acid soil. The experiment was consisted of four treatments viz. T0 [Control], T1 [Recommended dose of chemical fertilizers (RDF)], T2 [Dolomite (D) @ 1t ha-1 + RDF], T3 [Poultry manure (PM) @ 3t ha-1 + RDF], T3 [Cow dung (CD) @ 5t ha-1 + RDF] with six replications in a randomized complete block design. The results indicated that the use of PM with RDF showed better performance in the growth and yield attributes of okra. Compared with others plots, the highest plant height (114.10 cm), fresh weight plant-1 (591.58 g) and dry weight plant-1 (86.73 g) were observed in the PM-treated plot. Similarly, the highest number of fruits plant-1 (20.33) and fruit yield (13.58 t ha-1) were also found in PM-treated plants. Therefore, under acidic soil conditions, organic and inorganic fertilization may have a significant positive impact on the growth and yield of Okra.

Keywords: Chemical fertilizers, lime, organic manures, Okra


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