Factors Associated with the Current State of Food Safety Knowledge and Practices among the ‘Doi’ Workers in Bogura, Bangladesh: A Cross-sectional Study


  •   M. S. Kayshar

  •   M. S. Arifin

  •   M. M. Rana

  •   S. S. Akter

  •   M. N. Hossain

  •   M. F. Jubayer


'Doi,' or yogurt, is a traditional dairy product in Bangladesh. Bogura's 'Doi' is the most popular of all 'Doi' items throughout the country. The state of food safety in the 'Doi' business is of great concern because this product is consumed by a vast number of people. The current study aims to evaluate the food safety knowledge and practice of the ‘Doi’ workers in Bogura as well as the associated factors. In this cross-sectional study, 150 people participated voluntarily and answered a structured questionnaire. The final result showed that the current state of their food safety knowledge (4.7±2.9; scale=15) and practices (21.5±6.2; scale=60) was not satisfactory. It was also observed that level of education, job hours, and training experience all had a substantial impact on knowledge and practices. Participants with a high level of food safety knowledge had 5.5 times more desired food safety practices than their peers. Therefore, the current findings emphasize the need of food safety trainings, certification, and employing educated personnel in the 'Doi' sectors.

Keywords: dairy, food safety, food handlers, KAP, yogurt


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