Determination of Zn, Fe, Cr and Cu in Marine Fish Commonly Consumed in Senegal


  •   Cheikh Tidiane Dione

  •   Birame Ndiaye

  •   Cheikhna Diebakate

  •   Momar Ndiaye

  •   Maurice Millet

  •   Olivier Delhomme

  •   Ibrahima Diagne

  •   Dame Cisse

  •   Maoudo Hane

  •   Abdoulaye Diop


The content of four heavy metals (zinc, iron, chromium and copper) in muscles, liver and gonads has been studied for the five most consumed fish species (Cephalopholus taeniops, Scomber japonicus, Lagocephalus laevigatus, Pagellus bellottii and Pagrus caeruleostictus) in the Soumbedioune region. The samples were digested by acid digestion. The metal contents were quantified using a PF-11 type photometer. The results obtained show that metals such as zinc, iron and chromium are significantly higher (p <0.05) in the muscles of the four species than in the liver and gonads. However, the levels of heavy metals in the muscles, liver, and gonads of the five species are above the acceptable limit recommended by the FAO and WHO, with the exception of the copper levels in the gonads of the species Pagellus bellottii.

Keywords: contamination; metal; fish, Soumbedioune coast


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