Development of Soy Milk Based Functional Fruit Yogurt Fortified with Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  •   Md. Wadud Ahmed

  •   Md. Sharifur Rahman


Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and obesity are the most increasing world health challenge in recent days. To prevent these health problems, food researchers are intensively focusing to replace animal fat by healthy vegetable item with incorporation of different bioactive compounds. This study was conducted to develop a novel yogurt using different ratio of soy and cow milk. Blueberry pulp, extra virgin olive oil and stevia were used in the bottom portion to enhance functionality of the developed yogurt against CVD. All developed yogurt samples were analyzed for taste, texture and overall acceptability. Sensory analysis showed that, the yogurt developed from 75% soy milk and 25% cow milk had the highest overall acceptability.

Keywords: Blueberry, extra virgin olive oil, functional yogurt, soy and cow milk


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