Transeterification of a Mixture of Vegetable Fats with the Addition of Phytosterols


  •   D. S. Honcharov

  •   N. A. Tkachenko

  •   V. G. Nikolaieva


Pure phytosterols that are sparingly soluble in oils were subjected to a transesterification reaction using the catalyst sodium methylate in a mixture of palm stearin: palm oil: sunflower oil. As a comparison, transesterification was performed under the same conditions without the addition of phytosterols. To determine the qualitative composition of the mixture transesterified with phytosterols, analyzes were performed on the fatty acid composition, sterol composition, and melting point. The resulting product differed from the control by the presence of a characteristic odor, sterol composition, melting point.

Keywords: phytosterols, transesterification, fat-containing products, spreads, functional products, milk fat substitutes


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