Physical and Organoleptic Properties of Cookies Produced with Date Fruit Pulp, Toasted Watermelon Seed and Wheat Flour Composite


  •   A. I. Peter-Ikechukwu

  •   N. O. Kabuo

  •   A.E. Uzoukwu

  •   Michael Chukwu

  •   C. Ogazi


Composite flour of different ratios were produced from wheat, date fruit pulp and toasted watermelon seeds. Cookies of various blends (CHU= 100% wheat Flour without fat and sugar; CHUY=100% wheat flour with sugar and fat; CHUY1=90%: 5%:5%; CHUY2= 80%:10%:10%; CHUY3=70%:15%: 15%; CHUY4= 60%: 20%:20% wheat flour: toasted watermelon seed: date fruit pulp flour respectively) were produced. The physical and organoleptic properties of the cookies were determined and Mean values of the triplicate data were subjected to One-Way ANOVA. The means were separated using Fishers’ test (p≤0.05). CHUY3 was preferred in physical properties: spread ratio (3.95), thickness (11.65mm), diameter (45.66mm) and weight (7.30g). The organoleptic qualities of CHUY: aroma (7.15), Colour (7.45), taste (7.55), texture (7.45), crispness (7.35) and overall acceptability (7.35) were better. However no significant (p≤0.05) difference was observed in overall acceptability. Efforts should be geared towards the commercial production of this cookies as well as suitable packaging material for it.

Keywords: Flour, Blends, Spread Ratio, Crispness, Aroma, Diameter.


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