Interactive Effect of Land Preparation Methods and Weeding Frequency on Seasonal Soil Properties and Maize Yield


  •   S. Appah

  •   S. H. M. Aikins


Dynamics of soil physical properties and maize yield were investigated in both major and minor cropping seasons under different land preparation methods and weeding frequency. A factorial design experiment was organized on a randomized complete block design with three replicates. The land preparation methods were plough + harrow (P + H) and no-tillage (NT) while weeding frequency treatments comprised 0, 1, 2 and 3-hoeing regimes. In both seasons, P + H yielded good penetration resistance and bulk density, high moisture content and total porosity, and maximum total grain yield than NT. Also, agitating the soil surface at different weeding frequency improved soil physical properties and maize yield parameters. Furthermore, lower penetration resistance and bulk density but higher moisture content and porosity were recorded on hoeing regime(s) than 0-hoeing. The interactive effect of land preparation methods versus weeding frequency on soil properties was significant except penetration resistance during minor season and total porosity during major season. Maximum total grain yield was obtained from P + H vs 2-hoeing treatment plots in both seasons. Generally, increasing weeding frequency on P + H plots enhanced soil physical properties and maize yield than NT treatment plots. Therefore, to obtain suitable seasonal soil conditions for crop production, cultivable soils should be ploughed, harrowed and hoed twice at 2nd and 5th weeks after ploughing (WAP).

Keywords: Soil properties, land preparation methods, weeding frequency, minor and major season


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